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Learning to Code – Week Twelve

Finding Work is Hard Work

After the adrenaline buzz that was weeks 10 and 11 working on our final projects, an easy week 12 would have been very welcome. However that’s not the Makers’ way!

Week 12 was hiring week where the code coaches take a step back and the career and hiring side of the team (Ruben and Will) to kick us into shape for the job market.

Personal brand, tips on tech tests, CVs, personal career 1-2-1’s, cleaning up your GitHub, interview preparation, how to find companies and roles and lastly a mini-’employer fair’ with 7 recruiting organisations pitching to us as to why we should work for them.

An absolutely packed week with the employers pitches on the Friday morning being a real buzz to hear the enthusiasm of the speakers about the industry and their enthusiasm for Makers’ alumni.

Our ‘Unfair’ Advantage

The employers enthusiasm for Makers alumni seems to stem from three key areas;

  • Test and Behaviour Driven Development, which is the cornerstone of Makers Academy.
  • A desire within Makers students for continuous learning.
  • The wealth of experience that Makers students have from their careers and experiences pre-Makers.

These three things I hope will give myself and my fellow Makers cohort a real advantage in the job market. It’s not really an unfair advantage, we’ve just been dedicated and driven to put ourselves in that position.

Code On The Beach

After a more subdued Friday night, with a few beers with some fellow graduating colleagues, I was fortunate to be more worried about packing for the beach as my wife and I got away for a week’s relaxation after a non-stop 3 months.

It was a great experience on landing to fill in the immigration form and for the first time under occupation put ‘Web Developer’!

But it’s difficult to turn off from coding. Not only did I take along books by Sandi Metz, Jon Duckett and Martin Fowler, but I also woke up on Monday morning to find out that I needed to get a tech test done for of the companies from the employers fair that I was interested in working for.

Coding on the beach was a new experience, but I found it an environment where I was able to focus with few distractions (except for the heat, turquoise sea and beach bar). So if anyone has any Junior Developer roles in beach locations then let me know how to apply.

Life After Makers

So now begins my post-Makers life. It has been a truly awesome experience, life-changing and intense.

My intention now is to find the right role and organisation where I can continue to learn my code craftsmanship and contribute to the development of truly great experiences and products on the internet.

In the meantime I will continue to learn, practice and engage with the industry to help me on that journey.

Thanks for reading this far and for following my posts as I’ve gone through the experience.

If you’re inspired to take the same journey then take the first step and put in your application!

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