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Learning to Code – Week Six

You sank my Battleship!

This week was reading week, a welcome chance to catch my breath after five whirlwind weeks, and to consolidate some of our learning.

One thing I got around to was finishing my web version of the Battleships challenge from week three which I have written about previously.

It’s great to have a properly working full end to end two player game, plus I think it looks pretty good in battleship grey with a militaristic courier new font. (see the image above), or play the game.

I completed it in Ruby / Sinatra, which after a week of JavaScript, wasn’t too difficult to get back into the swing of.

However, I’m still not happy with the Battleships game – in completing it, I ended up with a ‘spike’ approach rather than the test driven approach that is drummed into us at Makers. So I felt a little dirty after doing it.

It’s a bit of a dilemma now as to whether to go back and do the tests or not. If I do them, it won’t be test driven development, but if I don’t I’ll have an untested codebase which will be difficult to maintain properly.

fOOD For Thought

I’ve written before about SOLID principles and Object Oriented Design. I’m still frustrating myself with trying to get this right across my projects. It’s not simple as the objects in programming aren’t always the same as the objects we’ll experience in real life. So you have to abstract the processes and think more about responsibilities and dependencies.

I’m embarking on reading Sandi Metz’s Practical Oriented Object Design in Ruby which has been strongly recommended, so hope to be out of the wOODs on this in the near future.

Senior Citizens

Friday evening saw the graduation of the October cohort who started six weeks before us. They had the opportunity to present their final projects, which included;

HipSpot – a mash-up of twitter and restaurants, cafes and bars to help identify where the hipsters hip spots are.

LightBox – a secure messaging systems designed for doctor to doctor peer communication with the highest levels of encryption.

Solr – a project for the 10:10 charity that enables an easy site survey of how good your roof would be for generating solar power.

It’s amazing to see how much can be achieved in such a short period of time (the final projects are completed in less than 2 weeks).

But it also means we have to say goodbye to our seniors, who have helped mentor us through our pre-course and the first six weeks of our course.

This also means that our cohort become the seniors on Monday when the February 2015 cohort start. Quite a responsibility.

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