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Andy Newman
Andy Newman

After 20 years working for the same company (British Airways), I decided it was time to doing something new.

I spent much of my career working in eCommerce, on the commercial / product side and led a team of 45 managing the website.

But I always had a hankering to understand and be more engaged in the technical side of eCommerce.

Growing up I used to type in programmes from magazines into a ZX Spectrum and won the Computer Studies prize at school.

I started my career as an analyst manipulating data with SQL. My career soon went towards commercial, very successfully, but I still managed to take a month away from work and teach myself some rudimentary HTML.

At the end of 2014 I had the opportunity to embark on the journey towards becoming a junior developer.

I came across Makers Academy, a start-up themselves, who’s mission is to teach novices the fundamentals of web coding in an immersive “bootcamp”. This appealed to me, both in terms of the new skills I would learn, but also the environment and culture that they espoused.

I passed the interview and in December 2014 I started my journey. Now, in Spring of 2015, after twelve hard weeks of learning to code I’m ready to embark on my new career.

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